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2002/2003, volume 54 (speciale)

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Transalp Conference. Extended Abstracts of oral and poster presentations, Trieste, Italy 10-12 February, 2003. Local Advisory Commettee: R. Nicolich et. al.

    • DOGLIONI C. and CARMINATI E., 2002 - The effects of four subductions in NE-Italy.
    • HIRN A and Laboratoire de Sismologie Expérimentale, 2002 - Geophysical data and collisional belts: Pyrénéés and Himalayas.
    • ONCKEN O., 2002 - The Andes mountain belt - comparing the gephysical architecture of a subduction orogen with collisional belts.
    • LUESCHEN E., GEBRANDE H., MILLAHN K. and NICOLICH R., 2002 - Seismic profiling by the TRANSALP Working Group: deep crustal vibroseis and explosive seismic profiling.
    • BORRINI D., BERTELLI L., FANTONI R., MEZZADRA G., MAZZOTTI A. and NICOLICH R., 2002 - High resolution processing of vibroseis data.
    • MILLAHN K., LUESCHEN E. and GEBRANDE H., 2002 - Seismic profiling by the TRANSALP Working Group: cross-line recording for 3-D control.


    • BLEIBINHAUS F., 2002 - Seismic profiling by the TRANSALP Working Group: refraction and wide-angle reflection seismic traveltime tomography.


    • KUMMEROW J., KIND R., ONCKEN O., WYLEGALLA K. and SCHERBAUM F., 2002 - Seismic profiling by the TRANSALP Working Group: receiver functions image and Upper Mantle anisotropy.
    • THOMAS R., SCHWERD K., BRAM K. and FERTIG J., 2002 - High-resolution reflection seismics and hydrocarbon industry profiles at the northern part of the TRANSALP profile.


    • BERNABINI M., BERNARDELLI Pl., COMIN C., COREN F., GIAMMETTI S., LONGONI R., NICOLICH R., ORLANDO L., PALMIERI F. and ZANOLLA C., 2002 - Gravity data base and 2001 surveys.


    • EBBING J. and GOTZE H.-J., 2002 - The collision of the European and Adriatic plates in the Eastern Alps - insights from 3D density modelling and isostatic investigations.


    • CASSINIS R. and SCARASCIA S., 2002 - The structure of the deep crust and Moho boundary along TRANSALP according to the DSS data - A contribution to the lateral extension of the model.


    • SOLARINO S., KISSLING E., SLEJKO D., EVA C., EVA E. and REBEZ A., 2002 - Seismotectonics of eastern Veneto in the light of the TRANSALP experiment.


  • LENHARDT W.A., 2002 - Seismicity in Tyrol in relation to the TRANSALP transect.
  • ANSORGE J., LIPPITSCH R. and KISSLING E., 2002 - Lithosphere structure of the Alpine arc: new evidence from high-resolution teleseismic tomography.
  • PANZA G.F., RAYKOVA R., CHIMERA G. and AOUDIA A., 2002 - Multiscale surface wave tomography in the Alps.
  • PERESAN A., GORSHKOV A., SOLOVIEV A., VOROBIEVA I. and PANZA G. F., 2002 - Morfostructural zonation and block model dynamics in the Alps and surrounding regions.
  • WILLINGSHOFER E., SOKOUTIS D. and BURG J.-P., 2002 - Collision tectonics and the deep structure of the Eastern Alps: inferences from lithospheric-scale analogue modelling.
  • ULLEMEYER K., SIEGESMUND S. and RASOLOFASAON P.N.J., 2002 - Experimental and texture-derived P-wave velocities from the TRANSALP seismic traverse - preliminary results.
  • VOSTEEN H.-D., CLAUSER C. and LAMMERER B., 2002 - The thermal regime of the Eastern Alps: results from inverse analyses along the TRANSALP traverse.
  • SCHLOMER S., FABER E., HOLLERBACH A., TESCHNER M., LAMMERER B., LUSCHEN E. and POGGENBURG J., 2002 - Hydrocarbon gases in sediments from shot holes - TRANSALP section.
  • BRAITENBERG C., EBBING J. and GOTZE H.-J., 2002 - New inputs from the TRANSALP transect to the understanding of isostasy in the Eastern Alps.
  • CEROVSKY I., FRISCH W. and MEURERS B., 2002 - Gravity and magnetic modelling in 3D.
  • ARGNANI A. and PIROMALLO C., 2003 - The evolution of the Alpine orogen of Eastern Europe: insights from plate kinematics and comparison with mantle tomography.
  • PETTENATI F., SIROVICH L. and GENTILE F., 2002 - Validation of some TRANSALP results (Southern segment) by source inversion of the Cansiglio, 1936 earthquake.
  • SASSI F.P., BURLINI L., CESARE B., GALGARO A., MAZZOLI C., MELI S., PERUZZO L., SASSI R. and SPIESS R., 2002 - Crustal modelling of a type area in the Eastern Alps: a multidisciplinary attempt.
  • GERBAULT M. and WILLINGSHOFER E., 2002 - Thermo-mechanical modelling of collision and indentation tectonics: how important is lower crustal rheology?
  • VAI G.B., 2002 - Palaeozoic palaeotectonics of the eastern Southern Alps: implication for the TRANSALP Profile.
  • SINIGOI S., QUICK J.E., PERESSINI G. and MAYER A., 2002 - An example of the Apulian lower crust: the Ivrea-Verbano zone.
  • SPALLA M.I. and GOSSO G., 2003 - Permian-Triassic Magmatism and the tectonothermal evolution of the Austroalpine and South-Alpine lithosphere.
  • ROSENBERG C.L., 2002 - Ascent of the Periadriatic Plutons: a review with implications for the TRANSALP transect.
  • BOSELLINI A., GIANOLLA P. and STEFANI M., 2002 - The Triassic carbonate platforms of the Dolomites (Northern Italy): their evolution and stratigraphic framework.
  • PICCOTTI V., COBIANCHI M., FANTONI R. and MASETTI D., 2002 - Platform to basin transitions: tectonic control and patterns in the Mesozoic of the eastern Southern Alps.
  • MACERA P., GASPERINI D., MAFFEI K., MARTIN S. and PIROMALLO C., 2002 - Tertiary magmatism in the Eastern Alps.
  • BERTELLI L., CANTELLI L., CASTELLARIN A., FANTONI R., MOSCONI A., SELLA M. and SELLI L., 2003 - Upper crustal style, shortening and deformation age in the Alps along the southern sector of the TRANSALP Profile.
  • ZATTIN M., CUMAN A., FANTONI R., MARTIN S., SCOTTI P. and STEFANI C., 2002 - Thermochronological evolution of the Southern Alps along the TRANSALP profile.
  • FANTONI R., DELLA VEDOVA B., GIUSTINIANI M., NICOLICH R., BARBIERI C., DEL BEN A., FINETTI I. and CASTELLARIN A., 2002 - Deep seismic profiles through the Venetian and Adriatic foreland (Northern Italy).
  • BARBIERI C., BERTOTTI G., CATELLANI D., DI GIULIO A., FANTONI R., MANCIN N., 2002 - Flexural response of the Venetian foreland to the Southalpine orogeny analysed through 2D crustal modelling.
  • RIVA A. and STEFANI M., 2002 - Synvolcanic deformation and intraplatform collapsing: the Latemar case history from the Middle Triassic of the Dolomites.
  • STEFANI M. and CAPUTO R., 2002 - Synvolcanic carbonate production at scalloped platform margins: examples from the Middle Triassic Catinaccio Buildups (Dolomites, Italy).
  • CAPUTO R. and STEFANI M., 2002 - Understanding polynucleated carbonate platforms through palinspastic restoration: examples from the Middle Triassic of the Dolomites.
  • CARULLI G.B., COZZI A., MASETTI D., PERNARCIC E., PODDA F. and PONTON M., 2002 - Middle Triassic-Early Jurassic extensional tectonics in the Carnian Prealps (easter Southern Alps, N.E. Italy).
  • CAPUTO R., POLI M.E. and ZANFERRARI A., 2002 - Neogene-Quaternary twist tectonics in the eastern Southern Alps, Italy.
  • ZANFERRARI A., POLI M.E. and ROGLEDI S., 2002 - The external thrust-belt of the eastern Southern Alps in Friuli (NE Italy).
  • THONI M., 2002 - Garnet chronometry in the Eastern Alps: insight into the polyphase nature of a composite orogenic structure.
  • MARTIN S., 2002 - Tectonic setting and pre-alpine evolution of the Tonale nappe, Eastern Austroalpine.
  • HOINKES G., 2002 - The "Alpine" metamorphic evolution of the Austroalpine basement: comparative petrological data from the Oetztal- and Woelz-Cpmplex.
  • NEUBAUER F., 2002 - Tectonic evolution of the Eastern Alps: from Permian rifting to Cretaceous and Tertiary collisions.
  • HANDY M.R., ROSENBERG C.L., WAGNER R. and WEGMANN M., 2002 - Tertiary exhumation and strike-slip tectonics in the Austroalpine basement: implications for deep structure of the TRANSALP section.
  • LAMMERER B., 2002 - The Tauern Window - key to the understanding of the Eastern Alps.
  • NEUBAUER F., KISS A. and TOMEK C., 2002 - Control of the collisional architecture by inherited, passive-margin structures: the European crust in the TRANSALP section compared with borehole and other seismic sections of the northern Eastern Alps.
  • ORTNER H., REITER F. and BRANDNER R., 2002 - Kinematics of the Inntal shear zone and its relation to other major faults crossing the northern TRANSALP seismic section.
  • FRISCH W., KUHLEMANN J., DUNKL I. and SZEKELY B., 2002 - The post-collisional history of the Eastern Alps.
  • BERGE T.B., 2002 - Structure of the Alpine Foreland.
  • THONY W., ORTNER H. and SCHOLGER R., 2002 - Paleomagnetic data from Northern Calcareous Alps, Central Alps and Southern Alps: joined post-Oligocene counterclockwise rotation.
  • RANALLI G., 2002 - A model of Palaeozoic subduction and exhumation of continental crust: the Ulten Unit, Tonale Nappe, Eastern Austroalpine.
  • BEER E. and MILLER H., 2002 - The variabile history of two different fault systems crossing the TRANSALP geotraverse: Achental thrust and Salzach fault.
  • HEIDORN R., NEUBAUER F. and GENSER J., 2002 - Structural evolution along the NW margin of the Tauern Window and the relationship to the Geier-Reckner ophiolite-like complex (Eastern Alps, Austria).
  • HEIDORN R., NEUBAUER F. GENSER J. and HANDLER R.,  2002 - 40Ar/39Ar mica age constraints for the tectonic evolution of the Lower Austroalpine to Penninic nappe boundary, Austria.
  • NEUBAUER F., HANDLER R., FRIEDL G., GENSER J. and TOPA D., 2002 - Sandstone composition and 40Ar/39Ar single-grain ages of detrital mica from the central Rhenodanubian Flysch Zone, Eastern Alps: preliminary results and significance for Alpine tectonics.
  • MOST P., DUNKL I. and FRISCH W., 2002 - Fission track tomography of the Tauern Window along the TRANSALP profile.
  • PIBER A., TROPPER P., 2002 - Multi-Equilibrium Thermobarometry in low grade metamorphic rocks from the Austroalpine nappes north of the Tauern Window (Kellerjochgneiss, Innsbruck Quartzphyllite).
  • WAGNER R., ROSENBERG C.L., HANDY M.R., 2002 - Sill inflation in the middle crust: emplacement mechanisms of the Rieserferner Pluton (Eastern Alps).
  • REITER F., ORTNER H. and BRANDNER R., 2002 - Seismically active Inntal fault zone: inverted European rift structures control upper plate deformation.
  • TOCHTERLE A. and ORTNER H., 2002 - Tectonic evolution of the southern part of the Northern Calcareous Alps along the TRANSALP seismic section.
  • CORTIANA G., TOFFOLON G., DAL PIAZ G.V., PELLEGRINI G.B. and TARTAROTTI P., 2002 - Geological map of the Hign Ahrntal: SW Tauern Window, Italy.
  • BRUECKL E., BLEIBINHAUS F. and ALP 2002 Working Group, 2002 - The ALP 2002 refraction experiment and its relation to TRANSALP.
  • LAMMERER B. and TRANSALP Working Group, 2002 - The "crocodile" model and balancing the seismic section.
  • CASTELLARIN A., DAL PIAZ G.V., FANTONI R., VAI G.B., NICOLICH R. and TRANSALP Working Group, 2002 - Lower crustal style and models along the southern sector of the Transalp Profile.
  • MONTRASIO A., NICOLICH R. and SCIESA E., 2002 - The CROP - 88 profiles in the Central Alps.
  • PFIFFNER O.A., 2002 - Crustal structure of the Swiss Alps: a view from seismic reflection and structural data of NRP 20.
  • SCHMID S.M., FUGENSCHUH B. and LIPPITSCH R., 2002 - The Western Alps - Eastern Alps transition: tectonics and deep structure.
  • TOMEK C., 2003 - Neogene tectonics of the Carpathian arc - PANCARDI approach.
  • DAL PIAZ G.V., CASTELLARIN A. and NICOLICH R., 2003 - Deep anathomy and evolution of the Alps: remarks and problems.